NBC 5's Natalie Martinez Pioneers

Philanthropy Discussion



On Wednesday May 13th, 2015, NBC Channel 5’s Natalie Martinez led

Chicago Community Trust’s (CCT) On the Table community dinner conversation

at Near North Health Service Corporation's North Kostner location. 

The conversation focused on promoting and improving philanthropic efforts in

the Chicagoland community. “Philanthropy in the Chicagoland area is key to

creating a better, safer community,” Martinez stated. The emmy-award winning

reporter and journalist is a committed philanthropist who engages in charitable

work for Bright Pink and the Salvation Army, among many other nonprofit

organizations on her own  and as well as with the news organization.



“The health of the community is crucial to our progress and success,”

said NNHSC Executive Director Berneice Mills-Thomas. “It’s conversations like

these that keep us at the forefront of philanthropy in the Chicago region.

They help us improve the work we’re already doing and ensure that we will do

even more.”


Alderwoman Mitts of the 47th Ward and representatives from community

organizations such as Planned Parenthood, Safer Foundation, and the West

Humboldt Park Development Corporation were among those present. 

Attendees agreed that the West Humboldt Park neighborhood is in the midst of

transition, and that active support from the community is a key factor to making

positive changes to the area.






Natalie Martinez
Natalie Martinez

Conversation lead discussion among many

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Ald. woman Emma Mitts
Ald. woman Emma Mitts

Ald. woman Mitts speaking with community leaders.

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Natalie Martinez Host
Natalie Martinez Host

Natalie shares her passion for the improving the community.

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