Louise Landau
Health Center

800 N. Kedzie Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60651
Phone: 773.826.3450
Fax: 773.826.3993

Located in Southwest Humboldt Park, the Louise Landau Health Center is conveniently located in this rapidly growing community. Like all our primary care sites, this center boasts of state of the art medical facilities.

While our health center services are available and accessible to all persons in the community, our target population is the medically underserved African American community. This targeted population base represents a "pocket" of African Americans in a predominantly Latino area of the city. Demographically, this community exhibits extensive poverty which contributes to the prevalence of poor health.

Physical and cultural barriers separate residents from health centers they might otherwise access. Until we opened our Louise Landau facility in October 2000, African Americans living in the area did not feel comfortable using health services north of Division Street where most people speak Spanish and there are few African Americans. Factories and train lines block several key streets in the area separating most of the southern section of the community from access to health services in other communities. For this reason, Near North Health Service Corporation felt it was imperative to provide high quality, accessible health services in this community.

Because we also treat a high percentage of Latino clients, NNHSC has made a concerted effort to hire bilingual staff. This allows for better communication and the ability for the patient to become involved with their treatment plan. As a community health care facility, we also hire members of this community to provide outreach services. These employees attend community events, distribute informational fliers and meet to discuss and get the word out to residents that all centers within NNHSC are Centers of Exceptional Care. We want the residents to know that we provide quality, affordable, accessible, comprehensive care and that we care about their health care needs.

In our first year, Louise Landau Health Center saw 734 unduplicated patients through 1,500 visits, exceeding our budget for the first year. We continue to see dramatic increases in patient visits as a result of aggressive outreach in the community and word of mouth.

Hours of Operation

  • Monday through Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Appointments encouraged! Walk-ins welcome!

If you need to contact your provider while the health center is closed, call the 24-hour phone number: 773.826.3450. The answering service will contact the physician who is on call.

Services - Services are offered during regular business hours unless stated otherwise.

Medical Services

  • Internal Medicine
  • Women's Health (Ob/Gyn)
  • Pediatrics
  • Lab
  • Podiatry (1st & 4th Friday of the month)
  • Ophthalmology (referrals available)
  • X-ray (Fridays)

More information about our medical services.

Comprehensive Services

  • Substance Abuse Treatment (referrals available)
  • Family Support Services (referrals available)
  • Medical Social Work (referrals available)
  • Case Management (referrals available)

More information about our comprehensive social services.

WIC/Nutrition Services

  • WIC (Monday - Friday)
  • Nutrition Services (Wednesdays - call 773.826.3450 for more details)

More information about our WIC/nutrition services.