Clarence Burch Esq.,
Board Chairperson

Two men looked out from behind steel bars - one saw mud; the other, the stars.

This is the motto that guided Clarence Burch through his formative years, and into his professional career.

A lifelong resident of the Cabrini Green area, he has now established himself as a successful criminal defense attorney, as evident in his being the lead attorney for a defendant in the Brown's Chicken case.

Having left us just long enough to prepare himself with a wealth of knowledge and experience, he returned to Cabrini Green to share this wisdom with the community that provided him with the impetus and strength to embark on the cycle of his quest.

Mr. Burch has been a member of the NNHSC Board of Directors for sixteen (16) years. In his current role of Chairperson, he hopes to stand as a living answer to the many problems facing urban America. He has witnessed the miraculous growth of the Near North Health Service Corporation under the dynamic leadership of its Executive Director, Ms. Berneice Mills-Thomas, and recognizes that good health is an essential prerequisite to any effort to resolve the issues of poverty and lack of opportunity that afflict so many.